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Metal detector White´s Treasure Pro


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October 5

White´s Treasure Pro

Whites also gives the big brother of the TreasureMaster, the new Treasure Pro, a weatherproof, rainproof case. The 25cm double-D search coil offers more power, proves its worth on all surfaces, is waterproof and can be completely submerged in water - even in seawater.

The large, easy-to-read LCD display provides a perfect overview at a glance: an 8 zone scrap filter to hide unwanted metals, a large 2 digit target ID to identify / classify the located objects, a battery control, the display of the set search performance and the search depth indicator. The latter can also be displayed in cm instead of the usual inch specifications. An integrated display lighting can be switched on at the TreasurePro.


The user of the TreasurePro is flexible and has a choice of 4 search modes: jewelry and coins, beach, all metal and heavily soiled floors. The jewelry and coins program is also well suited for the militaria and anticonsearch: The discriminator (scrap filter) can be set to zero and with the help of the sound discrimination and the large LCD target ID display, the targets can be easily recognized. The gold area is divided into four parts, the silver area three times.

Particularly noteworthy is the excellent tone discrimination 1,2,4 or 8-fold can be adjusted. In addition, the TreasurePro impresses with excellent location on even the most difficult terrain, such as on the beach. If the beach mode is turned on then scores the TreasurePro with his - in this class unique - ground adjustment. Because the TreasurePro has an automatic ground balance. This means that the TreasurePro adapts itself independently during operation to the respective soil conditions.


  • New weatherproof (!) Design suitable for all outdoor use!
  • The search coil is waterproof, the electronics box absolutely rainproof
  • Automatic ground adjustment with Trac-Lock for easy ground adaptation
  • Suitable for all soil types (also beach search), therefore very flexible in the application
  • 4 search engines
  • Special program for the search with heavy soil waste
  • Static point location (no motion) - the best way to pinpoint!
  • 1,2,4 or 8-fx tone discrimination
  • Depth display either in inches or cm
  • detailed 16 steps Discrimination (filtering out unwanted metal species such as iron)
  • 8 segment Conductance spectrum for fast object recognition
  • Volume control
  • Display lighting switchable (for searching at dusk or at night)
  • Overload signal for very large targets
  • Headphone jack 6,35mm jack
  • Working frequency 7,8 kHz
  • waterproof, 25cm double-D search coil
  • Battery supply 2 St. AA batteries, commercially available (about 20 hours search time)
  • Battery status indicator
  • Total weight only 1,36 kg
  • 2 years warranty

Scope of delivery

  • Whites Treasure Pro
  • 25cm waterproof double-D search coil
  • Special screw for coil mounting
  • Securing band for arm cup
  • German Manual
  • 2x AA battery