Metal detector C.Scope CS770XD


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C.Scope CS770XD

The C.Scope CS770XD is an analogue Metal detector which is ideal for getting into the treasure hunt. Simple operation, light weight and relatively large depth of search make the CS770XD the ideal entry-level device for the hobby treasure hunt. The mark C.Scope has been providing top quality Metal detectors since 40 years.

Settings & Discrimination:

The C.Scope CS770XD is set via two operating switches. Here, the sensitivity and object discrimination can be adjusted.

The CS770XD offers the possibility to discriminate unwanted objects such as metal nails, bottle caps or the like and thus exclude them from the search. In addition, the CS770XD has a sound distinction between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which distinguishes very reliably between these types of metals. For precious metals (gold, silver, copper, bronze) a high beep sounds and for iron-containing objects a low beep.

Deep Power:

The C.Scope CS770XD provides a search depth of up to about 20cm for objects the size of a coin and up to 1 meters for larger objects.

Linkage / search coil:

The C.Scope CS770XD has a waterproof search coil and can therefore be used in the water (only the search coil). The height-adjustable linkage allows the device to be used even for children over the age of approx. 7 years.

Technical data:

  • Analog Metal detector
  • Non-Motion technology
  • Frequency 17,0 KHz
  • Search Coil: 20cm Polo waterproof
  • sensitivity adjustment
  • iron discrimination
  • Tonunterscheidung
  • Linkage length adjustable 1,00 m -1,37m
  • Comfortable armrest
  • Weight 1,0 kg (including battery)
  • Works with 1 x 9V battery (running time about 30 hours)
  • Headphone jack

Scope of delivery

  • CS770XD Metal detector
  • Manual
  • 24 months legal warranty period
  • 5 years manufacturing guarantee